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What An Interesting Day…Tuesday.

Friday, June 20th, 2008

I woke up Tuesday morning around 6am, and no sooner had a opened my eyes the words “The Joy of the Lord is my strength” rolled off my tongue. It was as if my spirit had to release the power of the words into the air and declare it into the atmosphere.  I looked into the mirror and repeated it again “The joy of the Lord is my strength”. As the day progressed and events began to unfold, i needed to draw on the strength of God. My day was not rough or filled with chaotic mayhem, it was a day filled with unusual events, situations, people and oddest remarks. I had to pull on Gods strength and continually ask God to renew my mind and help me to see things in a different light. As I was praying, I began to realize that in many areas of our life we have choices and options. In addition, I realized that I could accept the situations presented to me that day or I could take a different approach. I could choose to look at the day as bad or change my attitude about it. I chose to take a different approach and perceive things a little differently and I decided that instead of reacting to situations, I must be proactive.

It is Thursday and so far every day after Tuesday has gotten better and better. I saw the biggest, brightest rainbow in the sky this evening and it reminded me of the convenant God made with Noah and the covenant and promise God has made me and each and every one of his children.  Be Blessed.

Knowledge Is Power and Relationships are Essential!

Saturday, June 14th, 2008

I had the pleasure of attending Synergi Group’s (  Brand University Marketing Conference in Va Beach today.  Not only did I walk away with a wealth of information, power connections, but I left the conference charged and equipped with a list of ways in which I can make my business and inner self better.  The conference touched on topics such as client building, PR, do-it-yourself-marketing, being authentic, paying -it-forward, direct mail basics, You! The superstar, elevator pitch, going from wimpy to wow..just to name a few! I had the opportunity to talk to and pick the brains of many women who are  living their dreams and walking out their purpose in life.  The knowledge gained and opportunity to build relationships was priceless.

I believe that in order to become the person we desire to be, we must make it a priority to attend workshops, seminars, and read books on how to better improve our lives, relationships, families, businesses, and careers.  In addition, we have to be willing to change and grow. Knowledge is Power and Relationships are essential!

 Thank you Tammy Freeman, (CEO Synergi Group) for an awesome conference and awesome location!  


Tuesday, June 10th, 2008

Welcome to Lady In Balance, LLC and welcome to the unfolding of a dream being birthed. 

For years I dreamed of one day being able to step out on faith and live out the dreams that once played in my head and danced in my heart.  When I was a little girl, I often imagined one day being able to make a huge difference in peoples lives either by singing, speaking, acting …it really did not matter…i just knew that I was going to make a difference. I felt it in my spirit.  Somehow as the years went by, those dreams seemed to fade away. I suppose you could say that life got in the way. It was not until I went through one of the most painful periods in my life did God place in my heart a dream and vision, I would one day encourage, uplift, and inspire women from all over to achieve their dreams and goals in life by delivering powerful seminars, and workshops. As well as providing key tools and resources on how to do so, but with everything else there is always a little twist to it.  Lady In Balance, LLC desires for each woman to nurture that little girl inside each and everyone of us!  Lady In Balance, LLC realizes that in order to be all that we are destined to be, we must nurture our mind, body, spirit, and soul.  Our inner self must be whole, in order to achieve outer success.  It can be done!

This is a vision and dream that is truly unfolding before my very eyes and for that I am thankful and so very greatful. I would like to invite you take to this journey with me and i invite you to step out and be that Lady In Balance.

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