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God Hears Us

Friday, July 18th, 2008

Have you ever thought or questioned whether or not God hears you, or if God sees you.  There have been countless times in my life when I wondered if God heard my voice, prayers, or cries.  I remember growing up as a teenager being teased about the way I looked, walked, and talked. My self-esteem was shot and I felt as small as a piece of dust. The pain I felt was so great that I can recall sitting in the corner of my bedroom crying and contemplating suicide. I remember asking God why me and not understanding why people did not like me. I had a beautiful voice, gentle spirit, beautiful smile, and precious heart…all those positive attributes and characteristics did not amount to what others thought of me at that time. Often times it is easier to dwell on the negative, as opposed to the positive. All that mattered at that time was that I was being talked about, teased, and labeled by others who knew no better. It was at that time God reached down and placed his hand over me and strengthened me on the inside. God gave me strength to endure and ignore each hurtful word that I heard. He gave me the strength to walk the halls with my head held high, even as the tears rolled down inside. I appeared as if the words never hurt or fell on deaf ears, but the pain cut deep. The words began to affect my thoughts and I began to believe that I was not worthy of respect so I began to act out in ways that displeased my parents, damaged my spirit, and tainted my soul and body.  

It was at my lowest moment that I had an encounter with God. I remember lying in bed and feeling a tug at my heart to read the bible. I reached inside my purse and pulled out the little green bible my Grandmother gave me and began reading about Gods love. It was that night God spoke in my spirit that I was his child, and that he loved me and wanted me to seek his face. God confirmed his living Word in my life at my weakest moment and in sin. I am aware of God’s presence and his spirit living in me. 

Know that no matter what you may go through God hears us, sees us, and loves us. Love Him, Seek Him, and allow His Love to cover you, keep you, and protect you.

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