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New Chapter In Life!

Saturday, June 12th, 2010

My cousins Randall and Brittney graduated from high school this evening. As I sat there in the audience, listening to the speakers and witnessed the anticipation of the graduates,  I thought back to my high school graduation. I thought back to how excited and happy I was to finally be finished with high school and moving on to bigger and better things in life. Little did I know, HS was simply another chapter in my life which was closing and another chapter was just beginning with new excitements, new adventures, and new choices surrounding my life both, present and future.  Some individuals are 100% sure what the want to do once they complete high may be college, vocational school, job, but for others..many others, they are in limbo about what direction they want their life to go in. That is perfectly okay. In time you will figure it out. Seek out your passion, do what you love, and all else will fall into place.

Summer Ideas For The Family!

Saturday, June 12th, 2010

The summer is right around the corner and school is almost out! Many families with kids will be preparing for summer vacations and thousands of kids will be attending camps. Due to the change in the economic state of society, many families are looking for creative, fun, and reasonable summer vacations and activities.  Check out the list of ideas below and try a few!


1.      Explore Local Tourist sites in Your Area: Just about every state, town, and local

      city has a history and story. Some of the best cafés, libraries, parks, and   

      restaurants are located in small towns. So, gather the kids and enjoy a weekend of   

      exploration in your town or nearby surrounding towns! 

2.      Take a vacation to see family and friends: A great idea is to visit family and friends during the summer! You will save money on hotels, and save money on food. You could purchase groceries for your length of stay and prepare your meals at home, before venturing out during the day and night. 

3.      Timeshare: If you own a timeshare this could be a cost-effective way to travel to an otherwise pricey destination but with less financial headache. Be sure to research the amenities before booking the trip though.

4.      Weekend Getaways: Instead of planning a week long trip, plan short weekend getaways     for you and the family! This a great opportunity to get away without putting a dent in    your pocketbook and it is an opportunity to break away from work without causing too much of a stir in the office.  

5.      Make it An Arts & Crafts Weekend: Kids, especially younger kids love being creative and one of the best ways to be hone in on those creative skills is to do arts and crafts projects. My kids love finger-painting, making home-made playdough (messy for adults, but fun for them J) Spend a weekend painting, making jewelry, experiment with cool but safe science projects.


These are just a few ways to for you and the entire family to enjoy summer. Remember, keep it simply and you will create happy, whole, and loving summer memories for you and your family! 


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