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Tickle Your Fancy

Saturday, February 19th, 2011

Just the other day my daughter and I were sitting in the living room reading a book, my son was snuggled up reading one of his favorite “Diary of Wimpy Kid” books and my daughter was insistent that we read “Charlie Brown’s Christmas”. As we sat there reading the story, my daughter jumps up and says “I finally know how to whistle, want to hear me!” So, for the next 5 minutes or so, my daughter demonstrates her ability to whistle, one whistle at a time. She would whistle a sec, catch her breath, perch her lips, and whistle again. If you can imagine, it was the cutest thing ever! It reminded me of when I was a little kid, expressing my “first time”.  The first time I learned how to ride a bike or the first time I learned how to roller skate, all the first you learn as a child and share with the world. As a child, it is the excitement and joy of learning something new and being completely happy and joyful of the complexity of the task, yet simplicity of it.  What about as we get older? The excitement, joy, and innocence of learning something new, evolving, and transforming into greater beings is definitely something to share and express. As we get older we can sometimes forget the zest and zing that makes our heart jump for joy when learning something new about life, world around us, and the world within us. Remember to take in the new, share and express what brings you alive and as some would say “tickles your fancy”.

Sweet Love, My Love

Monday, February 14th, 2011

How we view, care, and love ourselves shows up in many areas of life. If we esteem, love, and respect ourselves, we make choices that are for us and celebrate our inner and outer being. When we are unsure of how we feel about ourselves, we make choices about our mind, body, and spirit that do not serve us. This shows up in the words we speak, thoughts, food we eat, and the choices we make each day.  For example, if you view yourself as low on the totem pole of life, always putting every one else’s needs before your own, and you measure your level of self-worth by how much money you have, job, clothes you wear, and car you drive, you are determining your level of self-love on external factors. Growing up, I struggled with unconditional love and total self-acceptance, especially during puberty. I would look in the mirror and would pick out every flaw from my head to toe. What was it that shaped the invisible imprint of “unlovable” on my heart, which made me feel like I did not measure up?  It has taken years for me to “wake up” and realize that love, especially, love for oneself is accepting yourself exactly as you are, and having a healthy regard for being worthy and deserving of the very best life has to offer. One of the greatest gifts that I encourage each of you to do, starting today, is to invest in “You”. Invest in being the best “You” you can be. Love yourself completely, totally, and unconditionally. You deserve it!

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