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Everything To Everybody..Enough Already

Sunday, August 12th, 2012


Are you trying to be everything to everyone? I found myself faced with this question a couple of weeks ago, when I was laying my bed one night, wide awake, and going over the events of the day. My soul was asking, my body was aching, and my mind wandering, so I pulled out my journal and I began to write and express my feelings on paper. It was clear that I had picked up the “Superwoman” role again. On one hand, I was thankful for being aware and annoyed that I picked “Her” up again. Dag it! What is a woman to do? Clearly, I had to deal with this once and for all. Today. It is evident trying to be everything to everyone is only beneficial to those on the receiving end, and detrimental to the individual “aiming to please”.  Here I was completely exhausted AFTER working out that evening, feeling frustrated, when I should have felt relaxation and ease. I took a mental, physical, and spiritual assessment and decided that enough was enough. At that very moment, I concluded my wellbeing is far more important than stressing over someone else’s issues.  I often hear women over 50 say “After a certain point in life, I simply do not care what other people think, and if I don’t feel like doing something, I don’t do it”. Well, I am far from 50 but I literally feel myself reaching that point.  What good does it do anyone, especially me, if I am stressed out trying to make everyone else happy, comfty, and “okay”? I have to let go and simply be. I will always do my best and if my best is not good enough, then so be it.  

“Authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who we think we are suppose to be and embrace who we are” Unknown 

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