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Are You Up Against The Wall?

Wednesday, October 29th, 2014

Are You Up Against The Wall

Do the odds seem like they are stacked up against you? Are you in the midst of turmoil and you feel like your back is against the wall? Are you battling internal pressures, and stresses? Does the day to day routine have you feeling a robot on overdrive? Do you feel like your career or business is at standstill? Are your kids driving you insane? Lastly, do you feel like your dreams and goals are moving further away from you? If you feel like screaming “Heck Yes!” Stop. Breath. Pull your shoulders back and know that at this very moment, you will get through this time. You have to push through it, move through it, and work through it, because it will not last. You will survive. You may feel beat up, bruised, dragged through the mud, and sideways at the moment, but God will not give you more than you can bear. Take a moment count your blessings and pick yourself up from the floor, wipe the tears from your eyes, know that you may be down but you are not out! This is your life, your life, no one else’s! Sometimes you have to go through, to get through it. There are times in life, when you may not understand the situation or challenge but there is a lesson and a reason for it all. You may not fully grasp what it is and it may even feel like the situation will not end, but you have to stay strong, and stand strong. Here are 6 key steps to standing strong In the Midst of Adversity that will help you!

6 Keys To Standing Strong

1. Remember to Count Your Blessings – You have so many things to be thankful for in your life – family, friends, kids, good health, etc. You truly are a walking miracle and gift, simply because you are you! Be thankful

2. Be Easy On Yourself -So many of us are way too critical or hard on ourselves. You may have contributed to some of the madness in your life and some challenges may just be part of life’s many lessons, but it is important to remember that we all make mistakes, own it, and move on. It serves no one, and nothing to beat yourself up over spoiled milk or choices you made in the past. It changes nothing.

3. Focus On What You Can Change – Too often than not, people spend their time focusing on things they cannot change in life. In order to get through life’s ups and downs, and have victory over your life and in your life, focus on things that you can change – your thoughts, attitude, mental perception of yourself, your goals, let go of trying to change the weather, people’s opinion of you, the color of the moon. Focus on what you can change in your life.

4. Laugh – Laughter heals the soul, soothes the spirit, and releases happy cells, along with exercise.

5. Forgive Yourself & Others – You may not want to, but you have to release it and forgive yourself and others for any hurt, wrongdoing that may have caused pain in your life. Forgiveness can be a challenge and a daily choice but in order to reclaim your life, forgiveness is a must.

6. Take It One Day At a Time – It is true challenges, setbacks, will not last, however living for the future and not dealing with the present moment is far from healthy. Be present, live fully in the moment, eyes wide open and be completely honest with yourself. Make the most of each day, and be the best you can be each and every step of the way. Life is a journey, you are a survivor, and you will be stronger and better than you ever were before!


Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.” Michael Jordan”

JUSTBe Affirmation
“Everyday you arise, you have a choice to be joyful in the midst of the pain, or sink deeper in despair. Choose happiness. Never let the present obstacles take away the joy God has placed in your heart”.

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