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Happy New Year!

Sunday, January 7th, 2018

Happy New Year! So it’s 2018. What is in store for you this year? Are you one to make resolutions? Do you ditch your old goals and establish new ones? Personally, I’m not big on making resolutions, however if it works for some people, then go for it. When I think of New Year’s resolutions, my immediate thoughts tend to go to the gym and how unbelievable crowded it is around the New Year, then around Feb or March, the newbies fall off and the place is back to normal. Yay! Seriously though, at the beginning of the year, I do take time to re-evaluate my life, current goals, and make adjustments. I believe each New Year brings it own opportunities to begin a new and which is defined by you. No one else. I encourage you to make time to reflect and determine how you want to live out 2018 and set the intention to do so in love.

Lady In Balance is excited to present 2018 Own It Workshop! This year we have two dynamic speakers Shawn Pearson-Dingle and Nekeia Butler, and a special guest will be stopping by to share a special message with the participants! Registration is open at! We look forward to seeing you there! This will be one you do not want to miss! This is the year to invest in yourself!

“Cheers to the New Year and another chance for us to get it right” Oprah

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